Solo Papaya Recipes


Guava Turns a Salsa into a Tango  Guava and Papaya Turns a Salsa into a Tango
Dragon Fruit Salsa  Dragon Fruit and Solo Papaya Salsa
Papaya Guacamole  Papayaah! Guacamole

Bigfoot Starfruit and Papaya Salsa  Bigfoot Starfruit and Papaya Salsa
Coconut Salsa Solo  Groovy Coconut Salsa Solo
Solos topped with goat cheese  Solos Topped with Goat Cheese
Baked solo papaya  Baked Solo Papaya with Lime Sauce
Passionate about going solo  Passionate About Going Solo
Risotto stuffed papaya  Risotto-Stuffed Solo Papaya
Honey lime berries in solo papaya  Honey-Lime Berries in a Solo Papaya
Guava Mango Curry  Guava Mango Curry
Subzi Guava  Subzi Guava and Papaya
No Cook Groovy Fruit Curry  No Cook Groovy Coconut and Papaya Curry
Papaya and Broccoli Dome with Mustard Sauce  Papaya and Broccoli Dome with Mustard Sauce
Starfruit in Papaya Orange Sauce  Starfruit in Papaya-Orange Sauce