Groovy CoconutTM

Congratulations on buying a Brooks Tropicals' Groovy Coconut. For other coconuts, please take extra care to secure the coconut and to prevent flying debris.

Tools needed for this method:
• Hand towel or dishcloth
• large mixing bowl - optional*
• small mixing bowl
• cutting board or cookie sheet
• colander - optional*
• apple corer
• vegetable peeler
• hammer
• cleaned phillips screwdriver
• cleaned flat head screwdriver
• protective eyewear (flying debris is still possible)
and a Groovy Coconut!
* Use only if you want to save the Groovy Coconut's liquid for cooking.


1. Have all the above tools handy. If using the oven option, preheat oven to 350°.
2. Cut the orange netting off the Groovy Coconut.
3. To help steady the coconut, position the bottom of the coconut on an apple corer that's placed on top of a doubled-up towel. (The towel ensures that the apple corer's sharp bottom doesn't scratch your countertop).

4. If you're saving the liquid inside, place the colander in the large bowl ready to capture the liquid as it drains from a Groovy Coconut.
5. Hammer the clean tip of a Phillips screwdriver into each of the coconut's 3 eyes (dark circle indentations on the end of the coconut). These eyes are the thinnest part of the coconut shell. If you find yourself tapping the screwdriver more than 2 times on an eye, reposition the screwdriver to ensure the tool's point is aimed directly toward the inside of the coconut. You don't want to go through more outer shell than necessary.

6. Let the coconut drain its liquid in the colander. Test the liquid. If the coconut is fresh, the liquid should taste sweet. If oily, discard the coconut.
7. Position the clean tip of a flat-head screwdriver within the groove of the Groovy Coconut. Hammer to crack open the coconut. If not fully opened, work the flat-head screwdriver around the circumference and tap to open further.

8. Oven option: Place the Groovy Coconut's halves on a cookie tray and place in the 350°-heated oven for 30 minutes. Remove and let cool. Microwave option: Microwave the Groovy Coconut's halves using Medium High power (8 on a 1-to-10 scale) for three minutes. Remove and let cool. Note: Letting the coconut halves cool in the refrigerator or freezer both speeds cooling and makes the coconut easier to pull out of the shell. These methods work because changes in temperature makes the coconut shell slightly expand and contract differently than the white flesh inside.

9. Using a strong paring knife, insert its tip between the brown shell and the white flesh. With the knife, go around the coconut, pulling the meat away from the shell by pulling toward the center of the coconut (best odds for getting the shell half off in one piece). If you're able to pull part of the coconut flesh away from its shell, insert one or more fingers and grasp the flesh and pull. You may hear a small pop as the coconut's flesh comes out. NOTE: There will still be some coconut brown shell left on the outer white flesh.

10. Place the coconut half white flesh down on top of an overturned small round bowl sitting on acutting board or cookie sheet. Take a vegetable peeler and, starting from the top of the coconut, peel off in strong downward motions any remaining brown shell. The small bowl is there to keep the coconut from caving in while cutting and to prevent your knuckles from hitting the cookie sheet.
11. When the brown shell is removed, clean off the cookie sheet. Rinse off coconut flesh and remove brown shell particles around eye areas.

12. If coconut shavings are desired, use the peeler in strong downward motions for thin, almost translucent slices. The coconut can also be grated. Otherwise, slice the coconut into pieces that will fit into your food processor for shredding.

One Groovy coconut will yield 2 1/4 to 3 cups of shredded coconut.